The Easiest Way To Schedule Posts & ManageYour Instagram

Save Time / Increase your Traffic / Engage your Audience / 

With this Instagram Tool that handles all of your Instagram activities on complete auto pilot.
From Scheduling posys, Auto Comment, Auto DM, Auto Like, Auto Follow, Unfollow & More.

Why This Tool?

This tool helps medical practinioners on doculet spend less time managing their Instagram and more time growing your business.

Visualize, edit and schedule posts on our Calendar
Automatically Like, follow, create hashtags and repost content in your niche.
Watch as your account automatically gets more followers, growth, and engagement.

Key Features You’ll Get

Multi Accounts

Schedule Posts


Schedule Biolink


Image Editor

Auto Like

Auto Follow


Auto UnFollow

Auto Comment

AutoView Stories

Feed Manager

Search Hashtags

Auto Repost Content

Emoji Compatibility

Auto DM (New Followers)



Auto DM (Followers)

Generate Hashtags

Instagram Analytics


Lead Search

Create Hashtags

Weekly Automations

Happy Clients

Active IG Accounts

TOTAL Recommendations

Search Leads,View Feed & Analytics


Lead Search

With Lead Search feature,you easily get leads by hashtags, places or people and use that information to retarget a relevant audience


Search Tags

With our simple search form,you can easily get the metrics of a certain hashtag before decising to use it.
You also related hashtags in the process.

Feed Manager

With this feature, you can manage your Instagram feed on doculet.You can edit your captions,like,comment,delete and view posts from profiles you are following on Instagram..etc


Engagement Analyzer

After searching for leads,generating leads and targetting them,you can analyze your engagement in graphical forms.

Easily Change & Restore Default Biolinks

  • Schedule and change your important links in your bio with just one click.

  • If you ever need to change your biolinks on autopilot,come to doculet App and edit them without the need to manually change your URL on your IG profile.

  • Got a new sponsored campaign from a client? Just schedule their link alongside their post. You can also choose to temporary temoparily post it for a spesified period and later restore your default or previous biolink!

Success Stories

doculet Instagram Tool has helped us streamline our entire Instagram social media process. No, other social media scheduling platform allows us to do this and we’ve tried them all. Can’t do with out.

Dr. Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Mugz Hospital

doculet has allowed our Instagram team to more effectively create content. We love the calendar that allows our to visually see our Instagram posts and videos over the entire month!

John Wise

Doctor, Celgate Hospital

This Tool has saved us from having to spend weekends messily uploading content via phones. We are able to plan ahead and see content, to ensure what we are posting has a clear marketing objective.

Dr Angel Witicker

Head of Doctors, Extra Space

Don’t worry about managing Instagram accounts.

Get Started Today And Begin Your Journey To Social Growth.